Istanbul in Turkey

Are you planning your next holiday in Turkey, but you aren’t sure about the place where you should be going? According to my friend who at Henderson Spinning class suggested me that you should consider going to Istanbul. This is the number one city in the country. And, there are so many things that you can see and experience there. This is everything that you need to know about Istanbul in Turkey and some reasons why you should consider visiting this city.

One secret about Istanbul that you might not know about

There is one thing about Istanbul that you might not know about. The fact that this city is built on two continents. Yes, you are reading correctly. The city is built on two different continents. The city is divided by Bosphorus Strait. This might mean that you are staying on one continent, and going shopping in another continent, but you are just walking for 10 minutes.  This is really interesting.

The city is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was built in the 7th century BC. This is where the first foundation of the city was laid. And, now it is one of the largest cities in Turkey.

A variety of activities to go to

There are a huge variety of activities that you can consider doing in Istanbul. Activities that are great for you and your family. Some of these activities are great and making Turkey really special.

When you are thinking about the activities that you can do in Istanbul, you are thinking about visiting the museums, the temples, and other historical buildings. You are thinking about doing shopping in the markets and eating some great food in the restaurants and street stalls. Enjoying as much about the city as you possibly can. Because of the size of the city, you will be surprised by all the things that you can see and experience there.

A large city with lots of accommodation options

Luxury resorts and hotels. Cheap and more affordable accommodation. This is why so many people love staying in Istanbul. There are really a huge variety of accommodation places that you can choose from. This means that no matter what your budget might be, you will be able to have a great place to stay and still have money left for enjoying all the activities and sightseeing trips.  Enjoying the variety of food and purchase some great souvenirs.

Istanbul in Turkey. A great city and recommended for those people that are planning a holiday in

Turkey. There are so many things that you can see and experience, that it will be really hard to be bored. With the activities, the history, and the museums, you will be able to enjoy everything that is offered to you.

The Best Time to Take a Cruise Vacation to the Caribbean

Planning to take a Cruise Vacation to the Caribbean nation? No matter what month or time of the year you have your vacation in any of the Caribbean Islands, you are sure to have one of the best and memorable moments ever! Of course, you need to start by deciding which island you want to visit first. Once you have picked an island, the next important decision to make is when to take your cruise vacation. This is a common question and point of concern among travelers.

The Caribbean is home to hundreds of islands which are characterized by an excellent weather throughout the year. The weather here tends to be delightful year-round. There are a few exceptions where tropical storms and hurricanes are experienced occasionally. As you plan for your educational or relaxing cruise to the Caribbean, however, there are important factors to keep in mind. What are your personal preferences? Do you have any planned activities? What do you want out of your cruise vacation?  These are some of the things that will determine the quality of your cruise experience and your vacation in the Caribbean.


The high tourist season in the Caribbean is typically a mix of the popular travel periods in summer and when the area has the perfect weather. You realize that cruising to the Caribbean during when the weather is perfect means high rates at the hotels and attraction sites. Remember the entire Caribbean region tends to be temperate all year round.

In the winter, the temperatures slightly drop making it a little bit chilly. Swimming can be uncomfortable at this time. Enjoying the excellent scuba diving and snorkeling the islands have to offer can be a problem at this time. Water sport lovers prefer cruising to the region during spring or fall as the temperatures are warmer. Avoid potential tropical storms and the hurricane season which starts in occurs in late summer and extends to November. Spring offers the best Caribbean experience for travelers looking to explore outdoor activities.


Another factor one must consider before taking that Caribbean Cruise is price. If you’re looking for the cheapest rates consider traveling sometime between September and early January. Of course, the holiday weeks within this period have higher rates. You can find bargains for a couple of weeks between mid-April and the end of May.

School Holidays and Passengers

Perhaps you’re looking to cruise with your kids and wondering how this can be possible without them missing schoolwork. Well, the best time to plan for this is around New Year, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Most ships are decorated during this period and include special activities for children on board. The President’s Day and other holidays within the school break period can also be a good time to sail with your family.

If you’re not comfortable encountering a lot of kids on your Caribbean cruise, sailing during the school year would be your best option. At this time, kids are in school and you’re likely to find more adult passengers. Very few parents would be willing to take their children from school for a 5-to-7-day cruise. Those on board will be age 5 and below and you can expect shorter waits and less crowded dining rooms.